5-4-19 Both Hours, Mexican Revolution discussion about General Maximo Castillo, with decendants and scholars

May 6, 2019

5-4-19   Cindy Medina, Rebecca Castillo, Fernando Castillo, Cesar Castillo, Jackson Polk, Philip Stover. By phone,we also added Dr. Roger Ekirick.

We talk about a new English book on General Maximo Castillo. Máximo Castillo and the Mexican Revolution is the first English-language translation of the memoirs of General Máximo Castillo of Chihuahua, a pivotal figure in the civil war that consumed Mexico between 1910 and 1920. Born into rural poverty, Castillo experienced first-hand the repression of Porfirio Díaz’s autocratic regime. When the wealthy statesman and author Francisco I. Madero challenged Díaz for the Mexican presidency, campaigning on an idealistic platform of democratic reforms, Castillo joined the many Mexicans who supported Madero’s candidacy. As the campaign progressed and political tensions escalated, liberal democrats, including Castillo, organized a widespread popular revolt against Díaz and his followers. Thereafter, Castillo quickly rose in the ranks, becoming the leader of a revolutionary faction in Chihuahua similar to the one headed by General Emiliano Zapata in the state of Morelos.

Hour One

Hour Two

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