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December 1, 2016 — The Woman’s Club of El Paso is pleased to announce the public distribution of the new TV documentary about the Club’s history called “The Woman’s Club of El Paso, A Vital Force Since 1894.” The half hour documentary is now available online at www.EPHistory.com and in stores in the El Paso area.

The El Paso Museum of History has a full exhibit of this year’s Circle of Giants honoree, which is The Woman’s Club of El Paso. The Museum created a detailed look at the Club, and how it shaped El Paso’s culture from the 1800s.

Mary Railey, President of the Woman’s Club of El Paso for 2016-1017 said in the film “The men settled the west, but the women civilized it.” Mary talked about the film, saying “This film depicts an excellent portrayal of the visionary women that founded and belonged to the Woman’s Club. We are proud to be an important part of the early history of El Paso, and will continue to be a vital force in the present day.”

This new film was produced by Jackson Polk of Capstone Productions Inc. “The Club’s history explains how El Paso went from a somewhat rowdy gambling town, brought by the trains in 1881, and then transformed into a more cultured city, which outlawed the gambling and shady ladies. The trains also brought businessmen, and their educated wives from Europe and the East Coast.” Polk continued, “It was those cultured wives who formed the Woman’s Club of El Paso, and they got rid of bad elements, and proceeded to create many cultural institutions in El Paso. El Paso benefitted greatly from the women who founded this Club, and the Club still contributes to our community. “

DVDs will be available for purchase in the History Museum’s gift shop, and online at www.EPHistory.com

The El Paso Museum of History is located at 510 N. Santa Fe in downtown El Paso. Telephone 915-212-1768 and e-mail ritteree@elpasotexas.gov