San Eli Lectures4EPINC  San Eli Poster for Museum copy  FOUR DVDs of lectures recorded at the April, 2010
San Elizario First Thanksgiving Conference

Produced by Capstone Productions in cooperation with The El Paso Mission Trail Association and the San Elizario Genealogy and Historical Society

San Eli Lecture 2010 #1.

“Celebration of Cultures” with Manso Tribe by Cruz Camargo, Piro Tribe by Eugene Trujillo, and Lipan Apache Tribe by Chief Gilbert Tellez. Hear three El Paso Native American leaders explain their ancestry from the Manso, Piro and Lipan Apache Tribes which once flourished in the El Paso/Juarez Valley.

San Eli Lecture 2010 #2.  
“Culture and Linguistics of the Conquistadores” by Rick Hendricks, University of New Mexico. UNM Professor Dr. Rick Hendricks explains the Spanish influence on the Mission Trail during the colonial period of 1598-1821. Spanish and Indian traditions sometimes meshed and sometimes did not.

San Eli Lecture 2010 #3.
“The Pass in the Mexican Period 1821-1848″ by Angelica-Sanchez Clarke and “The Pass in the American Period and the Mexican Revolution 1848 -1930″ by Dr. George Torok and Leon Blevins. This lecture explains what happened on El Paso’s Mission trail under the early Mexican government. Also on this same film, hear Dr. George Torok and Professor Leon Blevins talk about the American Period and the Mexican Revolution Period of 1848-1930.

San Eli Lecture 2010 #4.
“Viticulture in the Southwest, The Early years of Wine At the Pass” by Vic Poulous and “Cryptic Jews in the Southwest” by Bill and Yolie Radcliffe. Zin Valle winery owner Vic Poulos describes the history of wine and grapes in th El Paso Southwest. Also on this same film, Bill and Yolie Radcliffe explain the story of Crypto Jews in the Southwest. There are families with some Jewish traditions in Mexican communities that wonder how they got these traditions.