02 Legends of El Paso Mountains poster

Join a search for lost Spanish treasure. Explore mountain caves where ancient people lived. Visit the only tin mines in the United States. Ride three tramways to the top of El Paso’s mountains. Hike to a hidden desert spring, high on Mount Franklin. Climb an extinct volcano to the largest Christ figure in North America. See El Paso like never before!

“Legends of El Paso’s Mountains” explores the special bond between the people of El Paso and their mountains, through stories that have been handed down from generation to generation. Premiering in the video are two original songs, written for the program.

“Legends of El Paso’s Mountains” presents the city’s most famous tale of lost treasure – the legend of the Lost Padre Mine – as told by the people of El Paso. The video shows that for centuries treasure seekers may have been looking in the wrong place. “Legends of El Paso’s Mountains” also looks at the unique relationship the people of El Paso have with their mountains, as they live, work and play in the Franklin mountain range. Mountain bikers test their endurance against the rocky mountain terrain. Hikers enjoy the exercise and the views, as well as the legends of ancient people and their art. And every year, hundreds of people take part in the Trans Mountain Challenge, a 12-mile run through a mile-high mountain pass.

“Legends of El Paso’s Mountains” recounts the tale of a Texas Ranger who met horse thieves, and his fate, in the mountains; as well as the tragic stories of three plane crashes on the mountain. “Legends of El Paso’s Mountains” features two original songs, “El Paso Gold” and “The Top of Texas.” The songs are performed by El Paso musician Tim Thompson, who composed the music. Lyrics are by Jackson Polk of Capstone Productions.

Polk said, “The words to ‘El Paso Gold’ reflects the many riches we have to treasure here in El Paso, from the gold in the desert sunsets to the beauty of our mountains.” The second original song, “The Top of Texas,” is a light-hearted look at El Paso’s unique position as the only Texas city that boasts a mountain completely within its boundaries. North Mount Franklin reaches an elevation of 7,192 feet, making El Paso the highest city in Texas, and that’s something to brag about.

Recorded and edited on digital video over a period of three years, “Legends of El Paso’s Mountains” is a 41-minute program that presents the beauty of desert mountains. One section features two prominent local artists, Tom Lea and Eugene Thurston, as it examines how area artists interpret the mountains.

KCOS-TV 13 Public Relations Director, Diana Munoz, said “The program is excellent! I’ve lived in El Paso my whole life and I never knew all these stories about El Paso’s mountains. The video footage is great to watch and it is great to share these “Legends” with El Paso on KCOS TV. I hope thousands of El Pasoans will see this program and also support KCOS TV.”