10-24-20 Both Hours, El Paso High School history and Museum

October 25, 2020


El Paso High School is on the National Register of Historic Places

It’s an architectural masterpiece, a critical part of the city’s history and a school that has produced thousands of graduates.
It is El Paso High School, designed by the renowned architecture firm of Trost & Trost, and it’s been educating students since 1916. Now the gracious Lady on the Hill has its own museum to preserve its rich history. On the Oct. 24 broadcast of “The El Paso History Radio Show” hosted by Jackson Polk and Melissa Sargent, we took an audio tour of the museum. Guests Amada Flores, president of the El Paso High Alumni Association, and Alumni members Anna Mares and Sandy Aaronson explained what it took to create the museum.
The only live radio program about El Paso history airs from 10 a.m. till noon Saturday on AM 690 KTSM. For more information, visit EPHistory.com.
Photo provided by El Paso Independent School District

Hour One

Hour Two

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