August 13, 2016 Hour One Welcome Home Vietnam Vets events Hour Two John Wesley Hardin Secret Society explains the secret

August 14, 2016

August 13, 2016
Hour one, what is the history of Vietnam Vets in El Paso? We ask some, and we hear about the Welcome Home Viet Nam Vets parade and other events planned for the end of August. In studio guests were  (L-R) Mike Grijalva, Patti Olivas, and Prince McKenzie.  Mike brought a picture of himself in Vietnam.  He sometimes did not take off those boots for weeks, he said.

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Hour One

Hour Two, it is time to hear from Concordia Heritage Association about the annual August reenactment of the demise of John Wesley Hardin. Patricia Kiddney will explain the John Wesley Hardin Secret Society. There will be surprises. Pic is Hadrin grave with door open; L-R, we have Miss Beluah, aka Patricia Kiddney, John Selman, aka Ken Smith, and John Wesley Hardin, aka Dr. Albert Burnham.

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