7-11-20 Both Hours, 12 Travelers Memorial project

July 12, 2020

John Houser and Ethan Houser

Benito Juarez Maquette

July 11, 2020 10am to noon MT on KTSM AM 690 and online at KTSMRadio.com  The 12 Travelers Memorial of the Southwest has been working on historic El Paso figures since 1993 when it was established by artist John Houser.
Kenna Ramirez, Jody Schwartz, Nancy Howell and artist Ethan Houser are our guests to describe the current monument under development to Mexican President Benito Juarez. we will also review the monuments already created.
On the Saturday, July 11 broadcast of “The El Paso History Radio Show” hosted by Jackson Polk and Melissa Sargent, board members of the 12 Travelers project told us how their love of history turns into monuments in bronze, and what historic people are now mentioned as future monument figures.  pic from El Paso Inc. and 12 Travelers website

Hour One

Hour Two

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