6-4-16 Both Hours, Four Dead in Five Seconds and Dallas Stoudenmire, plus Guns of the West with Bernie Sargent, Rod Linkous

July 12, 2016

Both Hours, we explain the famous gunfight in 1881 El Paso, Four Dead in Five Seconds, and El Paso Marshall Dallas Stoudenmire. The topics included handguns of the West like Stoudenmire had, with Bernie Sargent, Rod Linkous, and Shawn Goggin.  We also preview the Hero Channel’s AMERICAN LAWMEN: Dallas Stoudenmire episode that premiered in March, 2016.  We showed it again that afternoon 6-4-16  for free at the International Museum of Art with Jay’s Pix regular Saturday afternoon film events. We also showed the YouTube clip of “Four Dead in Five Seconds” with El Paso re-enactor group, Six Guns & Shady Ladies.  Jay Duncan, emcee of the movie event, also joined us on the radio show.

edit 4-14-16 gunfight Screen shot 2016-07-06 at 9.19.50 AM

Hour One

Hour Two

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