4-16-16 Hour One Wigwam Museum w Henry Flores Bonnie Juarez; Hour Two Jim Murphy and his books, plus Mary Railey about the new exhibit at El Paso History Museum about the Woman’s Club of El Paso.

July 9, 2016

Wigwam Saloon, to Wigwam Theater, to now Wigwam Museum!  Henry Flores and Bonnie Juarez tell us that building’s history, and future.

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Hour Two

Mary and Murphy

Author Jim Murphy, who is also El Paso History Museum Director of Development, was in to explain his several books, and to explain a new exhibit at the Museum of History opening May 7, 2016.  It is the Circle of Giants Hall of Honor honoree for 2016: The Woman’s Club of El Paso.  2016 President of the Woman’s Club of El Paso, Mary Railey, was also in the studio to describe some of the early pioneer women who came to El Paso after the railroads were established in El Paso.  Many of them were educated in Europe and our East Coast, and that brought a “refinement” of El Paso culture early on.  These women created most of El Paso’s early cultural projects, and they trace their start to 1894.  It has not stopped.

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