4-13-19 Both Hours, Preservation Month in El Paso with Ron Leinman and Barbara Welch

April 28, 2019

Ron Leiman and Barbara Welch. Plus Troy Ainsworth in Hour Two.

Preservation month 2019 explained. Preservation Month was established as an event in 1973 by the National Trust for Historic Preservation (NTHP). The event is co-sponsored by local preservation groups, State historical societies, business, and civic organizations around the country. Many events are planned to promote historic places for the purpose of instilling national and community pride, promoting heritage tourism, and showing the social and economic benefits of historic preservation.

The celebration of Preservation Month in El Paso has been happening for the past nine years starting with a focus on one of the historic districts in the city to now including a county wide and beyond series of events with the theme of: “The River and the Trail.”

Hour One

Hour Two

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