1-6-18 Hour One, Christopher Lance Habermeyer GRINGOS CURVE, Hour Two Bruce Berman and WALKING JUAREZ

January 8, 2018

January 6, 2017 

Christopher Lance Habermeyer

Bruce Berman

Hour One, “GRINGO’s CURVE” is a book about the Mexican Revolution massacre of American Asarco workers on a train in January, 1916.  Author Christopher Lance is our studio guest to explain this tragic part of our area history.

Hour two, another author has a new book called “WALKING JUAREZ” about his time there with a camera, as he also reported on news events for various national news companies. He is Bruce Berman, and he took a lot of Juarez pictures of life on the border, and that is the book he now has to explain.

Hour One

Hour Two

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