11-28-20 Hour One Fr Pinto w Sam Sanchez, Hour Two Sacred Heart Church, Fr Garcia and Dr Max Grossman

December 2, 2020

11-28-20   Father Carlos Pinto, El Paso’s Apostle
He was a Jesuit missionary and priest who laid the foundation for the Catholic Diocese of El Paso and built many of the area’s most beloved churches, including Sacred Heart Church.
He is Father Carlos Pinto, and for more than 20 years, he guided the faithful in the rapidly growing border community and came to be known as El Paso’s apostle.
On the Nov. 28 broadcast of “The El Paso History Radio Show” hosted by Jackson Polk and Melissa Sargent, we talk with historian Sam Sanchez Sr. about the life and legacy of Father Pinto. We’ll also get details on plans to restore Sacred Heart Church from historian Max Grossman and Father Rafael Garcia.
Image provided by ww.beajesuit.org pic by HABS

Hour One

Hour Two

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