1-11-20 Hour One, The Town and the Smelter exhibit at Centennial and Hour Two, Fort Bliss mural with John and Vicky Hamilton

January 19, 2020

January 11, 2020

Centennial Museum director Daniel Carey-Whalen is our guest to re-introduce the exhibit “The Town and the Smelter.” ASARCO and the community of Smeltertown (La Esmelda) were symbiotically connected and left a lasting impact on the borderland.

Centennial Museum (Corner of Wiggins Road and University Ave.). Mon. – Sat. 10:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.


Hour Two, John and Vickie Hamilton are our guests to describe a mural on a wall in the old William Beaumont Hospital that needs to be saved. Both Hamiltons have been helping preserve and promote Fort Bliss history for many years.

Hour One

Hour Two

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