4-9-16 radio show Hour One Owners of Franklin Mountains foothills for sale; Hour Two L.C. Hayden’s book called “Secrets of the Tunnels.”

April 11, 2016

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“Saturday, April 9 on “The El Paso History Radio Show” with Jackson Polk and Melissa Sargent, we talked with the man and his cousin who own parts of the Franklin Mountains in Northeast El Paso. Daniel Knapp and Sherry Mowles explained the history of the land, their plans to develop the land, and why they’re willing to sell the land to the city.  Their fathers were the Knapp ( twin ) brothers, who owned North Mount Franklin at one time in history.

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Second hour, L C Hayden told stories of El Paso folklore and gave a summary of her new book called “Secrets of the Tunnels.”  It is set in modern-day El Paso, and takes the legends of Chinese tunnels under El Paso to new heights. Or depths. Most interesting read.

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