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Find out some of the many things to do and see while in el paso, texas.

“El Paso Visitors TV” will show anyone how to explore El Paso, Texas and the rich heritage of the area. From Apaches to cowboys to gunfighters, miners, settlers, soldiers, conquistadores, padres, 49’ers, and many thousands more have traveled to and through the El Paso -Juarez valley for centuries. From the 5,000-year-old Keystone Site to the new modern El Paso Museum of History, this program shows El Paso’s heritage in brief TV segments that explain the history and what there is to go and see and do in El Paso County.

The DVD comes with a list of all the places mentioned in “El Paso Visitors TV” with site phone numbers. The program has many new segments mixed with parts of classic heritage videos about El Paso, all produced by Jackson Polk of Capstone Productions Inc.

“El Paso Visitors TV” was produced in cooperation with the El Paso County Historical Commission, and is hosted by Bernie Sargent, Chairman of the Commission. Suzanne Michaels co-hosts the program with Bernie, and she intros the program from horse back.

The concept for “El Paso Visitors TV” was originally produced on DVD in 2004 and called “El Paso Gold Visitors Channel.” Both the 2004 and 2009 programs are designed as consumer DVDs with full interactive menus to allow a viewer access to any segment with a click of the remote. But, we also have a NO MENU version that is set to run continuously without stopping. This looping DVD is for locations such as hotel welcome channels, kiosks, and tour bus showings. Please contact us for a DVD that loops continuously.