October 1, 2016

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El Paso High School’s campus turns 100 years old in October. Alumni Marilyn Cromeans and Elaine Donohue are in the studio to explain their history, and that they are going for a Guiness World Record of the most people who attended the school in one picture in their stadium. It seats 12,000.
Hour Two Castner Range is our topic with Congressman Beto O-Rourke, who filed the bill to make Castner a permanently saved area. We also have Franklin Mountain Wilderness Coalition members Judy Ackerman ans Dr. Richard Teschner with us to show people how to sign the petition needed to get Castner saved. And, what is the history there?  That original FaceBook promo posted for the show reached 5,941+ in 2 days. It was not ‘boosted.’

Hour One

Hour Two