Stores and gift shops that sell El Paso Heritage DVDs

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Visit these stores and get a deal; Buy 3 DVDs and get one Free!

TV programs sold on this website are also available at these El Paso-area locations.
You can also email us Jackson to ask about our DVDs.  Buy a whole set for you child’s or grandchild’s school library.
El Paso, Texas

Westside: 915- Area Code

Collectibles, 4700 N. Mesa, 594-0162

Peppe’s Restaurant & Cantina, 6761 Doniphan Dr., Canutillo 877-2152

Central: 915- Area Code

Monteleone’s Restorante Italiano, 3023 Gateway West, 566-4320

Elmer’s Restaurant, 6305 Montana Ave., 778-5485

El Paso Museum of History, 510 N. Santa Fe St., 351-3588

Eastside: 915- Area Code

Collectibles, 1530 Lomaland Dr., 594-0162

Xicali Imports, 7824 N. Loop Dr., 598-442

Northeast: 915- Area Code

Los Gallegos Mexican Restaurant, 9301 Dyer St., 751-1788

El Paso Museum of Archaeology, 4301 Transmountain Rd., 755-4332

Mission Valley, El Paso County: 915- Area Code

 Licon Dairy Azaderos, 11951 Glorietta Rd., San Elizario, 851-2705

New Mexico: 575- Area Code

 Mesilla Book Center on the plaza in Old Mesilla, NM, 575-526-6220