There’s a different way to find ghosts in El Paso, Texas.

When psychic Diana Calamia and her team of ghost trackers search for spirits at the old Asarco smelter in El Paso, Texas, they find more than they ever expected.

Diana encounters hundreds, maybe thousands, of spirits that show themselves as white balls of light. They are trapped in the old smelter, Diana says, as she communicates with them. Now her mission is to help them move on, and she stops to pray and light candles.
But in a building were workers were killed or injured, spirits overwhelm Diana before she breaks free. And a fellow psychic is physically affected by an angry spirit, until Diana rescues her.

Follow Diana and her crew as they enter the iconic smokestack, the dangerous powerhouse and other buildings that are gone forever. And during an evening visit to the old Smelter Cemetery, Diana communicates with spirits that have finally found peace.